5 of the Most Helpful Travel Apps


While living abroad, I was able to pick up the tips and tricks of other travelers. Not much to my surprise, the trick to getting the BEST deals was all tied up in the apps you download. Today I am sharing 5 of the most helpful travel apps I use when while exploring different parts of the world!

1. SkyScanner

I used Skyscanner multiple times for flights around Europe. It lists the best deals for cheap flights, hotels, and car rentals. The best thing about Skyscanner is that is gives a comparison between different airlines. Sometimes I found it in my best financial interest to fly a popular commercial airline because of luggage fees associated with smaller, budget airlines. Skyscanner allows you to go through the complete booking process on their app.


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2. Uber

I debated putting Uber on the list. Anyone living in a decently sized city will most likely already have this on their phone. However, it wouldn’t be a true article if I didn’t include it. I believe in the power of Uber. Whenever I felt unsafe walking around various parts of London late at night, I wouldn’t hesitate to call an Uber. It is better to drop some cash on a cab when you are worried for your safety, than to risk potential harm by walking alone. I loved that I could share my ETA with friends and family. I would often share my location with one of my housemates or my mum for peace of mind.


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3. Time Out

Time Out is a great source to find the best entertainment while in the city. I use it frequently to check theatre, museum, and art reviews. This is a great app for people who want a more “local” art experience due to the fact that they review and write about more than just mainstream theatre companies. Time Out reviews will help you get the most out of your stay in a city  while keeping it exciting, plus you can book tickets directly from their app!


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4. Hostelworld

A good hostel can make or break your traveling experience. We have all heard horror stories from people staying in hostels that didn’t live up to their expectations. Search by city or hostel to read reviews and see photos before you make a choice. From the app, you can also make group bookings with no additional fees. As a solo traveler, finding the right hostel can greatly enhance your experience by bringing you together with like-minded people. (And I’m not just saying this because I contributed to this post on their website).


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5. Autoslash

Some of my best memories were made by taking a road trip through the UK. We were always on the hunt for the best deals. Austoslash allows you to compare rental car prices in your area, since they fluctuate just as much as flights! Just make sure you meet the country’s driving standards (age, drivers license, etc.).


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These apps kept me safe and entertained while exploring the world. What are your favorite apps for traveling? Share them with me in comments. I am always looking for the best travel apps for deals and bookings! Happy exploring, everyone!

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