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It’s been awhile since I sat down to write on my blog and I’m having a bit of a sleepless night followed by a class-less day tomorrow, so why not reflect a little about life and let my friends back home know that I am still alive?

First, my classes this semester have been amazing. I am being pushed creatively and grammatically in my writing. I also have a little article called a ‘feature’ that has been published on my university’s student newspaper. Here is the link to my feature ‘How Do I Combat Loneliness in Uni’ if you want to have a cheeky little look.

Even though many of my classes are in the realm of journalism and not literature this semester, I have seen significant improvement in learning how to write in an office-type setting and still produce creative work (which is really hard for me). In the past, I have only been able to write creatively and revise within the confines of my home with the exception of other private and secluded places – writing makes me feel super vulnerable – but with encouragement and practice, I have been able to produce work inside the classroom that is worthy of publishing (on the school newspaper), which is exciting.


With my half hour commute to school and back every day, I have read four books in the last month! I am so excited that I am averaging a book a week that is not on my professor’s syllabus or a requirement that I read. I have noticed great improvements in my writing style because I am reading much more and reading the types of books that I someday would like to write.

I recently took a much needed weekend road trip to Wales with friends and it was amazing. I had visited Wales before when I was about thirteen but I have no recollection of the place, unfortunately. I didn’t commit to memory the way the green hills rose in valleys and peaks much more than they do in London. It was so nice to get out of the city – stayed about an hour outside of Cardiff in a town called Merthyr. It was the Cardiff UV dance for YSA on Friday night. Two of my roommates rented cars and ten of us girls drove from London to Wales Friday evening, covered in UV paint and ready for a fun weekend. We stayed over at a friends (about thirty of us in one house) and although we didn’t get much sleep, we woke up the next morning to play volleyball at the chapel. After a few hours of volleyball, we ate lunch and then drove to the southwest end of Brecon Beacons National Park to hike Ystradfellte Falls. Many people in our group went temporarily insane as they donned wetsuits and jumped into the frigid winter waters from the top of the falls. While I am a fan of the adrenaline rush from a good cliff jump, I am not a fan of being submerged in icy waters on a cool February day in Wales. The hike was beautiful though and I relished in being surround by the true wilderness of the UK and not the pleasant facade of large parks that London offers as a means for a walk through nature.


With legs weighing me down in resistance, we left for London midday on Sunday. The chats us ladies had in the car made the time fly by. Soon enough we were piling our bedding and bags into the back of a taxi and heading home. Exhausted, my roommate and I were asleep by 8 PM. My alarm was set for 6:30 am and I was to present a project for my midterm assignment in class first thing in the morning. It all went well but I’ve wished all day for another long weekend outside of the city.


I feel really happy. Although I write less frequently on here, I am producing about a piece a day for class work and I am working on a short story for the paper. I have been involved in the arts and literature division of the school newspaper and I am trying to produce work that I am proud of to publish as means of practice and for future reference on my CV. I am pushing myself in school and getting ready for my future. I am being more social with the help of my roommate, sometimes my drive in school pushes me away from people and I tend to isolate myself. My roomie has been awesome at making sure I still take care of me and keep a good balance in my life. I have a lot of other spiritual and physical goals I am working at and I feel really well-rounded right now. Things are bright and I am learning a lot about myself and life.

Until next time,


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