My Story

This blog has documented my journey as an opinionated, yet eternally hopeful, twenty-something for the last three years. It has been molded and shaped into many things – many things that I had big plans for but not enough dedication to see through. Then it read like an online memoir, shining a harsh light on my flaws and mistakes as I navigated through years of transition and change.

Now, I write about things that make me happy. I have found a passion for health and wellbeing as I strive to make my life more full and enjoyable. I like to share my hobbies, entrepreneurial pursuits, travel experiences, and reviews of books I pick up along the way.

I would love to close this little description up by saying something like, “That’s when my YouTube channel really took off and now I make $300,000 a year doing what I love – making short video montages of my favorite Grey’s Anatomy characters.” Even though this isn’t my current reality, I still have big plans for this little space but I am not going to make you or myself any promises about what to expect next. Because if there is anything I’ve learned in my twenties, it’s that you never know what will happen next.