Book Club: The Body Book by Cameron Diaz


I found The Body Book by Cameron Diaz during a particularly frustrating period of trying to attain my body goals. I didn’t expect it to help me understand the beautiful functions of the human body and resonate with me as I contemplated my approach to health and wellness. Here is my full review:

What’s the Theme?

This book is about the facts of the female body. It doesn’t serve as a diet or workout plan but rather explains how the body digests food and uses it for energy among a vast number of other topics. The Body Book is an informative read with the occasional personal experience to illustrate different points throughout the book.

Does it have a purpose?

The purpose of The Body Book is to inform readers while encouraging them to make better choices when it comes to health and fitness. The uplifting and positive delivery never shames the reader for making unhealthy choices but defines what true health is and the scientific evidence to back it up. Knowledge is power and in relation to this book, knowing how the body works will help readers take responsibility for their choices and prompt them to take action when it comes to their health.

Who Is it for?

This book is for any female who has ever wondered how the body works. Whether you are wondering what diet to try next, what actually makes some foods “super”, or why it’s hard for you to feel motivated when it comes to exercise, this book is meant for you. I would recommend this book to any woman in my life who has expressed frustration or curiosity when it comes to the body. I would highly recommend this book to my teenaged nieces as it covers a variety of sensitive topics that are delivered shamelessly with hard facts.


I felt a deeper love and understanding for my body after only reading half of the book. I listened to the audio version for hours giving it my full attention. The delivery of each message and presentation of data made me feel as though I were best friends with my OBGYN and we were having a chat over tea.

Cameron’s passion for the female body is felt as she provides her own insights and personal experiences to sound medical research. She never tries to entice the reader into making lifestyle changes like becoming a vegan or including absurd rituals into their routine that aren’t backed by thorough research. I felt her approach to nutrition abides by the health guidelines given by the academy of nutrition and dietetics in the US, which support a healthy balanced lifestyle. Her passion for movement helped me through a slump in my fitness routine, not by shaming me, but by drawing attention to the fact that the body’s primal instinct is to move.

I walked away from this book knowing that I will pick it up again for refreshment and to revisit the data that has become so valuable to me. I will no doubt be picking up her latest book Longevity to help me on my journey through aging.


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