Life Update: I Moved Again


Quick life update:


I moved back to England last month. I am officially in week 3 of fall semester and I am incredibly overwhelmed! I am putting a pause in my former blog series “The Balanced Life” for the time being (maybe indefinitely) because of the amount of reading and writing I am required to do for my literature program.

First, the university campus is absolutely beautiful. I prefer this location and so far my education at this university than I did my last. I feel that I will have many more opportunities and chances to network during my time here that will put me on a better path as I later pursue a career and graduate school.

The trees are changing color and the leaves are falling much too quickly. Autumn is my favorite season, especially in England. I wish I had more time to wander through parks, gathering mental images of the beautiful leaves in their array of burning colors. School has me running around like a chicken with its head cut off. After taking a year off and working full-time, I got used to the rhythm of a nine-to-five. Now I am thrown back in the world of lectures and academic learning in a variety of topics, some of which are not in the realm of English literature so I am working twice as hard at those things that don’t come naturally to me.

I live in a cozy flat with two awesome friends. I am definitely the least cool roomie but my housemates continue to show me patience as I rise to the occasion. Everything in our flat is centered around vintage relics, alternative and oldies music, minimalist design, and messy Sunday morning brunch. I love it.

I am finding my path here slowly but surely. When I arrived I couldn’t decide if this was the right move (which has been the theme of my life for the last 7 years). London is teaching me to just go with it sometimes. You choose a good path, not necessarily knowing if it is the ultimate path designed for you by the grace of heaven, and go with it. You sit in the discomfort without wrestling with it. I have learned self-acceptance and self-appreciation. What I know for certain is that life is a bunch of question marks and I can either embrace them or fight with them. I am tired of fighting and clawing and trying to go “against the grain” of the course of my life. How cool is it that despite those questions that keep me up at night on those inevitable bad days, that I am a frequent visitor on Abbey Road, that my class today was held in a beautiful museum, and that I laid underneath a giant, silver gleaming ball at the Tate Modern for an hour just talking with my friends about nothing?

I am entering that state of never-ending gratitude that I have only experienced in this city. It feels pretty-freakin-awesome.

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  • glad you are there safely and settled in – loved England in the fall – winter ??? – enjoy life!!!!