3 Ways to Start Living Minimally


When I first heard the term “living minimally”, I thought of living in a dreadfully tiny home for extended periods of time. A bit of research taught me that this isn’t the case. Minimalism is about being minimizing expenses on hoards of consumer goods in order to invest in things you really value. It’s a great philosophy to adapt for people who want to travel regularly. I am hoping to minimize my life in order to make space for things that I value. Here are my top 3 tips for begging to live minimally:


1. Spring Clean

It’s not quite Spring yet; however, as I have made my larger goals a reality, I have noticed a distinct need to clean out the clutter in my life in order to create better focus and increase revenue. I decided to check out ThredUP, an online service that delivers recycled clothing to your door every month! The idea is that you receive quality, gently used clothing for a fraction of retail costs. They also offer “kits” to help you clean out your closet. It’s great for those of you (like me) who want to get rid of some clutter but never quite commit to getting the clutter from your closet to the local charity shop or consignment store.

You can keep the a fraction proceeds for yourself (which is a great way to earn a little extra money for travel) or if you would rather, ThredUP will donate the proceeds to charity! I think it’s a wonderful and doable idea.


2. Create A Budget

When it comes to keeping track of my budget and spending trends, I like good ol’ paper and pen. I have tried apps in the past but I have found that keeping a daily list tucked in my purse and writing down how much I have spent on bills, food, and other goodies, really makes saving money a more tangible goal. I can better remember how much is in the bank and how to hit my goals of spending less. Find a strategy that works for your – sometimes it’s not in the form of the most trendy app but in old school strategies like balancing checkbooks and creating lists!


3. Visual Reminders

I tend to give into peer pressure a lot when I am trying not to consume more stuff or spend money. I find that photos, writing blog posts, and subscribing to websites that feature money-saving tips and tricks, help me be mindful throughout the day of why I set these goals and where I want to be in a year. Pinterest and other vision boards are great ways to get inspired!


While I am still figuring out what living minimally means to me, I can say that I have felt greater sense of calm in my life as I have made space for the things I truly value. It’s already been rewarding getting closer to my travel goals while dealing with less clutter.

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