I think that a lot of miracles go unnoticed because we have added words like “luck” and “coincidence” into our everyday vocabulary. Think back in time when language was important – word choice was important. “Awesome” wasn’t a regular occurrence in people’s vocabulary among many other words that explained intense surprise or awe. With the regular usage of these profound words, we lack the ability to adequately explain miracles.

Of course, being a believer in Christ, I believe in miracles. I believe in the living Christ who still displays miracles here on earth although He is risen. I have found that the closer I grow to Him through regular habits like reading scriptures daily and daily prayer as well as attending church, I have the eyes and heart to witness His miracles.

This past weekend I was supposed to be visiting the French Rivera. I had scheduled a weekend trip from Nice to Monte Carlo with a few other girls from my study abroad program. I had not yet recovered from my trip to Paris the previous weekend and was trying to heal from a persistent cold. I decided not to take the trip so I could rest and focus on my studies. I ended up being out about 200 euros but my parents supported my decision to stay home. Because I didn’t go, I was able to attend church, rest and start on my term papers. I noticed BBC news had covered a story on 17 deaths in the French Rivera over the weekend. I clicked the link to make sure my friends who had taken the trip were ok. Heavy flooding from a hurricane had resulted in multiple deaths and injuries in the area I was meant to travel. Now, I know now that my friends are ok and no one from the program was hurt, but I can’t tell you how much peace I had after I had decided to stay home and again when I read the news headlines. I know I was divinely protected and by listening to “intuition” (otherwise known as the Holy Spirit), I stayed in a place I felt safe and enjoyed my weekend being peacefully at home.

The other night I was feeling particularly low. It was actually the evening of the day I was meant to travel to Nice. I felt sad over events that had happened earlier in the day and I was really down on myself.  Sitting at my computer sifting through social media, the song “Where Can I Turn For Peace” started to play in my mind. I hurried to look the song up on Spotify and sang along to the lyrics:

  1. Where can I turn for peace?
    Where is my solace
    When other sources cease to make me whole?
    When with a wounded heart, anger, or malice,
    I draw myself apart,
    Searching my soul?
  2. Where, when my aching grows,
    Where, when I languish,
    Where, in my need to know, where can I run?
    Where is the quiet hand to calm my anguish?
    Who, who can understand?
    He, only One.
  3.  He answers privately,
    Reaches my reaching
    In my Gethsemane, Savior and Friend.
    Gentle the peace he finds for my beseeching.
    Constant he is and kind,
    Love without end.

Overwhelming peace filled my soul as the words to this hymn poured into my mind. I knew that whatever I was feeling, I could overcome. Miraculously, the Savior reached into my life and healed my broken heart with the exact hymn that He knew I needed to hear.

Sometimes I think our skepticism and cynicism belittles our belief. Sometimes we justify daily miracles as coincidence. What holds us back from thinking that the Lord is reaching into our lives and pulling us out of darkness just as He did to Peter when we saved him from the storm? Not only have I felt hope after that one bad day but I have also resolved to be better. Out of nowhere I found my confidence again but more strongly rooted in Christ. I have been able to turn my bad days into days of refining and hope. I have been able to rely on the Lord to help me overcome hardship. I’ve even had the privilege of having a spirit of gratitude and love for others throughout the last two days.

So next time something happens by coincidence or you stumble into lady luck, I dare you to believe beyond to the divine help of heaven reaching into your life. “Gentle the peace He finds for my beseeching. Constant He is and kind. Love without end.”


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  • Thank you, thank you for this post! Your insights are beautifully worded and expressed. I could feel the Spirit radiating from the text! So glad you’re safe. Thanks for teaching your readers, myself included, an eloquent lesson on promptings of the Holy Ghost. Prayers that you kick your cold quickly!