Why Your Business Needs Facebook


You be living on a martian planet if you haven’t noticed small businesses taking over Facebook. It’s not just major brands and labels who are targeting markets through social media, your local dentist probably has a Facebook page! Here are the top three reasons why you need Facebook for your business:

1. Community

A great reason to put your business on Facebook is to create a sense of community. By being active on Facebook, you can engage with people in your local community and build relationships. Facebook is great for one on one conversations that can happen in the comments section. It’s a good place for people to ask questions about your business and receive quick answers. People are less inclined to call businesses to seek more information, they would rather find online resources to get their questions answered. Facebook provides the perfect platform for individualized answers to questions and a chance to increase sales through positive engagement before the potential client even walks through the door.

2. SEO

SEO, ever heard of it? It’s an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization”. The greater your social presence online, the more searchable your business will be. One of your biggest obstacles as a small business can be standing out against competitors. Creating a healthy community online across social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, etc.) will increase your chances of being seen on the first page of relevant google searches.

3. Meet Your Audience

Facebook analytics and audience engagement can teach you loads about your target audience. You will engage with people personally and have the unique opportunity to peak into your clients lives and interests (in a non-creepy way). Social media platforms now offer basic analytics directly on your business’s page. You can track who is visiting your page, their ages, genders, and where they live, among many other features. This makes it easier to create ads and promotions for certain audiences, increase engagement, and know what content your audience responds best to.


I’ve heard from clients that social media is just a “trend” and that we should rely on traditional marketing techniques. I agree with the general marketing philosophy of knowing your audience, targeting information that they would engage with, and promoting your brand where greater amounts of people will see it; However, we are a tech heavy world now and our eyes are almost always focused on a screen. You can quote me on this, social media isn’t going away any time soon. If your business isn’t currently online with a website and an established social media presence, you are missing out on a great opportunity for growth.


What are your favorite business for Facebook features? Would you ever try live Facebook videos to enhance your experience?

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