New Year New Blog

You may have noticed the content of my blog headed in a new direction. I want to share what a time of growth this is for me. I no longer will be sharing the intimate details of my life on the internet and here is why:

For a very long time now, I have felt that I’ve been writing my own gossip column that exploited my life. I very plainly shared the feelings of my heart and the intimate details of private events. I was young and finding myself, but don’t get me wrong, I am still very proud of many of those posts. Those old blog posts are documents of growth and read like journal entries.

I am moving on with this new, more professional chapter of my life and this blog is coming with me. I no longer wish to divulge the intimate moments of my life or events that happen. It used to be so easy for me to over-share here and I know many of my readers (those from my hometown) loved to hear about my life, but in the last few months I have felt the need to tell people about my life instead of the desire to do so.

So, I am taking back my space and moving in a direction that is more “me“. I am going to have the privilege of keeping my private life private while still sharing the things I am passionate about. I appreciate those who have followed this journey and I understand if you visit less frequently as I talk less about myself and more about the things I love. It’s been a rewarding journey so far and I am hoping for a successful future here in this space.

Thank you for three enlightening years here in my corner of the internet.

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