Moving House


Pieces of the puzzle seem to be falling together. When I arrived back in London, I will admit that I wasn’t thrilled to be here. Being home felt made me feel safe like being wrapped up in an old childhood blanket. I didn’t want to give up the security that comes from being at home with mom and dad. London seemed especially cold and grey as I unpacked my bags in a dorm full of strangers. All the study abroad students in my building were new this semester and although their enthusiasm was fun to be around, I couldn’t relate anymore. Not that I am not enthusiastic about living in London but their idea of fun is hitting the club every night and smoking cigarettes at 3AM outside my window. To be honest, I wasn’t up for another semester living in the study abroad dorms despite the amazing location in Kensington – an area I could never afford outside of student housing. It was only a few days being back in London before things started looking brighter. My friend mentioned that she was moving to a new place and there might be an opening in her flat if I was interested. I was. That night I phoned the parents to get the ok and two days later I was packing up my bags and moving to my first official flat in London.

Now, just like most people in London, I have a small commute to school and church. I have a small single room th
at could be inspired by Harry Potter’s own cupboard under the stairs. I have amazing YSA roommates who share my same values and have quickly grown to be my favorite people in London. I get to come home to awesome people when I finish my day at school instead of a cold and empty dorm. We have an adorable kitchen and living space. It really feels like home and we have enough space to invite friends over. We are all so happy and frequently talk about how we see tender mercies of our Heavenly Father all around us.


For awhile I wondered if finishing my degree here was the right idea. I do love London for many reasons but it can be an isolating place. I started missing the luxuries of home and the comfort of living with family. However, I really feel like things have turned upright since I began doubting my decision to live here. My housing situation changed for the better, I have wonderful friends, my professors this semester are challenging and encouraging which is important to me. I feel as though everything is piecing together and the picture looks lovely.

Here is to a wonderful spring in London and for more puzzle pieces to fall into place,


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