5 Amazing Things to See In Peru


In preparation for my expedition to Peru, I decided to do a little research and find out more about the amazing history and rich Peruvian culture. I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 amazing things to do and see in Peru. Enjoy!


1. Salinas de Maras

My brain can hardly process the fact that there was a time before the Inca’s thrived in Peru. Among the lush, mountainous geography that sets Maras apart from other South American destinations, lies a natural wonder known as Salinas de Maras. Natural springs have produced salt-evaporation ponds that lie down a canyon near the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

A gentle subterranean stream has been carefully managed and guided into polygon shapes, flooding acres of land into shallow salt water pools. Salt settles to the bottom of these ponds and is collected. The salts pink hue is due to the large mineral count and makes it a luxury item that can be outsourced across the globe. Let the photo speak for itself about the amazing geographical wonder the site has become.




2. The Sacred Valley of The Incas

Experience Peru in the height of the Inca Civilization. Well-preserved ruins of the fascinating Incans dot the emerald-green mountainside, standing as sentinels guarding the past. Wander through history and walk where an ancient civilization once thrived.




3. Machu Picchu

As a child, I was fascinated by Machu Picchu. Imagining the great civilization that built this limestone, archeological wonder filled me wonder. How could it be done without machinery and modern luxuries? Hiking trails will lead you around the beautiful ruins, with sweeping views looking over the large plateau. Brave the Amazonian jungle and experience the past like you never have before.




4. Indigenous Tribes of Yaguas

Earn a greater appreciation for life in the Amazon as you spend the day with the Indigenous tribes of Yaguas. Learn more about their distinct culture, traditions, and every-day way of life as they lead you on a tour of their village and teach you to create handicrafts that are valuable to them. While it may seem invasive, cultural knowledge presented in this way to travelers can lead to greater understanding of differing cultures and people. It allows the indigenous people to continue on in their way of life while sharing their unique view on life itself.




5. Monkey Island

Endangered monkeys are cared for at La Isla de Los Monos, otherwise known as “Monkey Island”. Learn about the largely growing destruction happening in rain forests and see first hand how lives are suffering as strenuous efforts are made to stop deforestation. Walk away with a greater knowledge about monkey reintegration and how we can have an environmentally positive impact on our climate.




Whether it is walking through the green treetops of the Amazon rainforest, wandering through ancient ruins of past civilizations, trying new cuisine, or meeting locals, I am excited to be with good people, making memories that will last a lifetime this summer.

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